Data Capture & Document Processing

If you’re searching for reliable and accurate data entry and verification services combined with security and confidentiality guarantees, then welcome to CPI Data Services. Your project will be handled by our experienced data entry staff to deliver 99.95% accuracy, using a variety of quality techniques:

  • Double or triple entry
  • OCR/ICR plus verification
  • Look-up tables to select or autofill correct data
  • Logical checks between fields or indexes
  • Human proofreading/quality checking techniques

  • Data Entry and Verification Services

    We enter from images (tif, pdf. jpeg, etc.), forms, full-text sheets, cards, or books. We also work with remote Internet connections (VPN, Citrix, etc.) to support your in-house software applications and online business processes.

    You get a partner with experience in many industries:

  • Health care claims and EOBs
  • Property/Casualty insurance documents
  • Recorded Land and Title Documents, and Vital Records
  • Tax forms
  • Mortgage applications and recordings
  • Financial transactions, checks, and loan applications
  • AR/AP, Shipping and inventory records
  • Manufacturers warranties
  • Customer response cards, surveys and mailing lists
  • We take information from:

  • Paper
  • Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture cards
  • Books, Newspapers, periodicals, odd sized paper
  • Engineering/Architectural Drawings
  • Most computer file formats and many form types (HCFA 1500 & UB82, ADA, AP/AR, etc.)
  • Your data can be returned in nearly any format

  • .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .doc, .mdb, .htm, .xml, .dbf, etc.
  • Delimited, fixed position, multi-table, etc.
  • Industry standard (such as ANSI formats) or your customer format
  • On any media (DVD, CD, optical disk, tape, etc.)
  • Output files are returned via the Internet, FTP, VPN or package delivery service, using encryption techniques to insure privacy and security.

    Data Capture Quality

    CPI maintains 99.95% accuracy with these methods:

  • OCR/ICR voting technology:
    in which two or more OCR engines must agree on character validity or flag the character for manual verification
  • Double/triple Entry Keying:
    Another voting method where two or more operators type the same data. Electronic comparison spots any differences for correction or client notification of illegible documents.
  • Verification Software:
    Using business rules, field validation, table lookups, consistency formulas and logic rules. Validation tables assure that only acceptable data is entered and spelled correctly. For example programs check Zip Code, city and state against Postal Service database or match medical diagnostic codes against International Classification of Diseases database. Custom validation rules and checks can be set.
  • Logic Rules:
    This is automated common sense, in effect. A Social Security number must have nine numbers, for instance. Data must accurately sum or calculate in different sections of forms or reports. Dates must meet logical ranges and sequences. Anything else is flagged for checking. Spell-checking and proofreading software, as well as humans, are used when appropriate.
  • Random Checks:
    We also perform spot checks of data entry accuracy, proofreading and visual inspection of output documents or databases, and data sorts with logic rules. In addition, each staff member's accuracy is monitored to improve training and reduce errors.