Online Keying & Remote Verification

Online Keying & Remote Verification Advantages

  • Assure greater security – images and data do not leave your facility
  • Maximize the ROI on systems development by utilizing your custom software for data capture and workflow
  • Process 24 hours - Combine outsource, offshore and in-house work teams
  • Integrate multiple databases for verification and updating
  • Control staffing requirements
  • Control processing costs
  • Save the time and cost of uploading and downloading images and files

  • Remote Processing Experience

  • Database updates for information obtained by web search, such as property taxes due and paid
  • Rebate payment qualification and information capture with images downloaded and data capture perform on line
  • Verification of OCR results for heath care claims, MICR OCR. Image cropping and cleanup
  • Verifying mortgage document preparation for approval in workflow systems
  • Preparing real estate title commitment letters
  • Matching or verifying new product prices from a web search information OR entering new data into an existing customers' database