Rapid Transaction Processing

Providing continuous online and offline batch processing, CPI completes thousands of daily processing transactions – paper-generated, online, and voice-based – that typically involve:

  • Mortgage and other credit applications
  • Real estate title abstracts
  • Tax, assessment, and court databases
  • Bank and brokerage account statements
  • Insurance applications and premium and in-force notices
  • Medical claims (HCFA, UB, ADA, EOB, COB, Workers Compensation)
  • Invoices, payments, and remittance advice
  • Warranties, customer loyalty response cards, and marketing and customer surveys
  • Tax returns

  • The CPI Advantage

    Companies that utilize CPI's Transaction Processing Services realize many benefits:

  • Rapidly processed data is available in the customer's system within minutes via secure remote access
  • CPI's expertise in the health care, insurance, mortgage/real estate/title, finance, retail, and accounting industries
  • Accurate, efficient, and top-quality data entry services (integrated OCR/ICR, with manual verification)
  • The availability of back-up operations and disaster recovery centers

  • Quality Assurance

    Continuous operator training and monitoring, random checks, regular business-rule updates and edits and other quality controls ensure:

  • Processing decisions are accurate and flexible to meet each unique product or order
  • Every irregularity is promptly reported and fixed
  • All required volume is accounted for
  • Databases are continuously updated
  • Workflow is monitored to manage timeliness
  • Regular reporting identifies trends for continuous improvement