Remittance Processing & AR ⁄ AP

CPI (India) specializes in capturing and verifying health claims forms data, including CMS HCFA 1500, UB04, ADA, repricing sheets, EOBs, COB & Worker’s Compensation. Our current clients send more than 50,000 claims per day for online or offline data capture, processing or verification. Data is returned in a variety of database, txt (fixed positions or delimited files) or ANSI formats.

Our Claim and Payments Processing Services Deliver Many Advantages:

Structured forms or unstructured reports

  • Online continuous processing or overnight delivery
  • Work online or offline
  • Full or partial form data capture or critical field verification
  • Subscriber eligibility and provider verification against databases
  • Re-grouping claims with attachments
  • Indexing full fields or partial information

  • HIPAA and Security

    CPI has many years experience as a HIPAA Business Associate. In the Business Associate status, we sign and observe confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements pertaining to Protected Health Information (PHI). Our data capture center is a highly secure, guarded and monitored facility. The network is isolated behind firewalls with strong controls over internal or internet access. Working in locked facilities, our operators cannot copy or transfer images or data files. All CPI staff signs confidentiality pledges and receives continuous training in security processes. System administrators and managers keep a very careful audit trail of documents, images, and output.

    Data and images are transferred via secure FTP (encrypted SFPT, SSL, etc.) or private VPN. Individual images (TIF, PDFs) and data files are also encrypted with PGP or other software preferred by clients.


    CPI (India) can work with your software or our own. We specialize in OCR/verification and double-key entry. Our software uses accuracy and verification techniques, including database checks, required field formats, charge balancing, etc., with manual verification of critical fields. For the highest accuracy requirements, our staff uses double-key data entry and double checking to guarantee high quality. With these methods, you get 99.95% or better data capture accuracy.

    Data Transfer Offline Processing:

    You transfer either scanned images of the claims via FTP or send paper claims by UPS or Fed Ex. Working with scanned images, CPI Data Services will begin OCR and double-key entry as soon as the FTP transfer is complete. With paper claims, we’ll scan the paper to TIF image during the OCR data extraction process, and return the images for easy storage and retrieval.

    Online Processing:

    If you need to maintain control of images and data throughout the data capture process, CPI staff will work directly on your system as remote operators with your software. Original documents or images never leave your systems. CPI can work on-line, 24 hours a day via fast Internet connections.

    For many clients, CPI provides post-OCR verification online. We can sight verify or re-key verify all fields or only critical fields.