Standards and Security

Trusted and Professional. Confidential and Secure.

To CPI (India), quality and value mean processing information from multiple sources (web, image, voice, and database) without errors or omissions, and delivering on time. We work with clients to add value at each process chain step, and to satisfy every information provider or user.

How we succeed: Planning, testing, technology, training and quality assurance.

Planning - Good preparation starts the momentum toward good results. U.S. project managers and industry experts analyze your business processes to see its role in the overall workflow. Then we work with you to develop project specifications, quality systems, training materials, technology, security protocols, data formats, deadlines and report metrics.

Technology -Software helps verify accuracy of information and processing decisions, and monitors performance. Thanks to on-site programmers, we can quickly modify software for unique project needs. CPI can work online in client systems, giving you full control of information, databases and security. Or clients can use our custom platforms, which include:

  • Validation
  • Table lookups
  • Consistency formulas
  • Business and logic rules
  • Automated capture (uses OCR, ICR OMR, other techniques)
  • Double or triple manual data entry, with web and database integration
  • Workflow management
  • Productivity and quality monitoring
  • System status
  • Reports
  • Automated Capture - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) provides fast, automated data extraction for source documents with clear printing and consistent formats. CPI will test multiple OCR products to find the best fit. In addition, the selected OCR software is set to the "accuracy confidence" level you require. The program also can be adjusted to recognize any font, type sizes, printer output errors, smudged outputs and faded documents.

    Continual Training - Ongoing instruction helps employees achieve consistently high accuracy rates. For complex projects, special training equips team members to make decisions when entering data, such as identifying unique forms or searching a document to find the correct information among possible fields or choices.

    Quality Assurance – CPI is ISO9000:2001 certified and follows the Six Sigma/DMAIC continuous improvement protocols. Unique quality assurance programs are developed for each project. The system measures production times, analyzes outcomes at each step, and compiles worker productivity, QC errors and irregularities for team studies on continuous improvement. CPI has achieved 40% production increases while maintaining 99.9% data accuracy for many projects.