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Contact Center

Add responsive, live voice customer service support to gather information, handle inquiries or contact prospects. Our highly qualified professionals with expertise in varied industries can serve your business. Our call center has Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities, that is fully-customizable and expandable to suit your needs.

  • Approach: Project managers work with clients to design custom services.
  • Tactics: Tailored training, scripts, help-based software, coaching.
  • Quality: Incentive-based pay and benefits, continuous training and scripting, call monitoring, 'secret callers' to test responses, call log and recording analysis.
  • Results: Cost-effective services, high satisfaction rates.

  • CPI (India) assists with both Outbound and Inbound calls.

    Outbound Services

  • Surveys and research
  • Mortgage and loan processing and verification
  • Tax and payment updating
  • Order taking and tracking
  • Direct mail response billing support
  • Insurance collections
  • 3rd party verification
  • Appointment scheduling/setting
  • Information gathering market research
  • Mail list/opt in services
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Inbound Services

  • Inbound response via phone, email and/or live chat
  • Order entry/taking
  • Order fulfillment services
  • Emergency/disaster response
  • Paging & dispatch services
  • Maintenance call center services
  • Customer support services